Top 7 apps for youtubers

YouTube is a great place to promote your work and gain exposure for your business. While it’s easy to share videos on YouTube, there are many other ways you can use video to get more views and grow your audience. Here are 7 apps that will help you reach even more people.



Editing is a very important part of YouTube. While you may not think of it as an essential tool, it’s actually one of the most important aspects in creating quality videos.

When you’re editing your video, it’s important to have a good set of editing tools at your disposal. These tools will help you create engaging and entertaining content for your channel and make it look professional. You can use these tools for text overlays or effects such as blur or glow, which add more interest to your videos by making them seem more alive than just talking heads on camera.


Recorder is a simple app that allows you to record your screen. You can use it to capture videos of games, web browsing and more.

Recorder is perfect for recording video tutorials or any other type of live stream that you wish to share with others. This app also has some great features when it comes time for editing your footage before uploading it!

creator studio

Creator Studio is a tool that helps you manage your channel and content. You can see analytics, make videos, and manage all of the different aspects of your channel from one place.

It’s also great for people who want to grow their audience by bringing them along on their journey as they start out or reach new heights in their careers.

music/audio tools

There are so many tools that can help you make and edit your audio files. Here’s a list of some of the best ones:

  • Audacity – A free audio recording, editing and processing program. You can use it to record anything from a conversation to an entire concert; edit your recordings with various filters and effects; change speed/pitch; export as mp3 or wav file formats (file size depends on quality).
  • Soundtrap – An app that lets users record sounds in real time through their iPhones or iPads. It also allows them to apply effects like reverb, compression and more before exporting the audio file as either an mp3 or M4A format (mp4). Users have reported great success with this application when used with GarageBand because it works especially well with percussion instruments such as drums or cymbals which tend not work well without additional processing being applied first.”


Thumbnail size and layout are important when you’re uploading your videos, but they’re also crucial when it comes to creating them.

Thumbnails should be eye-catching, but not too much so that they distract from the video itself. The thumbnail must be the same size as all other thumbnails on your channel (so no shrinking it). It’s also important that there’s enough contrast between the background and thumbnails—you want viewers to notice them without having to squint too hard! Finally, try to make sure that all of your thumbnails are consistent across different platforms: if someone is watching one video on YouTube but trying out another one using Safari on their phone and sees something different than what they’re used seeing before then this could potentially throw off their experience with both channels at once leading into confusion later down road when viewing content again later down road during these times being consumed by others around us through social media posts etcetera.”

analytics/tracking tools

Analytics tools can help you understand your audience and how they like to engage with the content you’re creating. Analytics give you a better understanding of what types of videos perform well, where they are getting the most views, and how to improve those pages.

Analytics also give you valuable information on the types of content that work best in a specific niche or topic area. The analytics tool will show how many subscribers a particular video has received over time—this allows creators to see if new releases are gaining any traction with their audience at all! However, it’s important not just rely on one metric: It’s also important that these numbers correlate with other metrics such as reach (number of people who watched) or engagement (how many people got involved).

editing/videos for mobile devices

Editing and recording videos is a big part of creating content, and there are plenty of apps that make it easy to do so.

  • The Editor app allows you to edit your existing videos or create new ones from scratch. It has a timeline that lets you go back and forth between different scenes in your video, as well as trimming options like crop or speed up/slows down the audio track if necessary. You can also add titles with text overlays on top of the video!
  • The Recorder app allows users who want only basic editing capabilities without any fancy effects or transitions (such as chroma keying) access this feature at no additional cost by opening up an unlimited number of recordings through its free plan which lasts for two weeks per month after which they must pay $2 per every three days beyond this limit until cancelled again before being able to start another batch.(This means anyone using this service needs a constant internet connection available during those times.)


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we’ve done our research and we think these are the best tools out there.