scholarships for multiple sclerosis 2023/2024

The focus of this article is to provide you with information about scholarships for multiple sclerosis.


A.F.H.C. Multiple Sclerosis Scholarships

The A.F.H.C. is a scholarship fund that helps people with multiple sclerosis get the education they need to succeed in life. The amount of money given out depends on how long you’ve been living with MS and what your financial situation is like, but it’s usually around $1,000 or more each year for two years (or an entire degree).

The A.F.H.C also offers grants for travel expenses if you want to go somewhere other than college during this time period.

Amanda Weatherford Scholarship in Multiple Sclerosis

  • Scholarship amount: $2,000
  • Application deadline: February 2023
  • Eligibility requirements: Applicants must be U.S. citizens, permanent residents or have been granted refugee status by the federal government and have a residency at an institution of higher education in the United States for at least one year prior to applying for this scholarship. They must also demonstrate financial need and will be required to submit a transcript showing their GPA as well as proof that they are currently enrolled in an accredited school (or will be enrolled by March 1st).
  • Lastly, students must complete a one-page essay answering questions such as “What makes you unique?”

B.B. and Joyce Robbins Scholarship

The B.B. and Joyce Robbins Scholarship is offered by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), which was founded in 1947 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). The NMSS has awarded scholarships since 1964, when Dr. Robbins gave $10,000 toward its establishment.

The scholarship program is currently open to students with MS or a family member who has been diagnosed with it; however, only those pursuing an undergraduate degree in education or social work are eligible for consideration this year.

Beirne Carter Foundation Scholarship

The Beirne Carter Foundation Scholarship is awarded to students with multiple sclerosis who are enrolled full time and in good academic standing. In addition, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident who plans to pursue post-secondary education at an accredited four-year college.

The scholarship amount for this program is $1,500 per academic year. It can be renewed if you continue your studies past June 1 each year; however, this will require additional funds from your family or organization if needed.

Diane Goedert Memorial Scholarship

The Diane Goedert Memorial Scholarship is open to anyone diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The award amount ranges from $500 to $1,000, depending on your financial situation.

To apply: Submit the online application form and attach a copy of your official transcript or college transcript if applicable.

Application deadlines vary by school; check the individual scholarship’s website for details about application deadlines for that particular scholarship program.

Elizabeth Eames Robertson Scholarship

The Elizabeth Eames Robertson Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship for students with multiple sclerosis. Students must be enrolled in a degree program, and the amount of the award depends on the school at which you’re studying. This award was established by Elizabeth Eames Robertson, who had MS herself and wanted to help other people with the disease attend college or university.

The application process is simple: just fill out our online form from official site.

Harry and Elisabeth Hermann Clinical Fellowship in Multiple Sclerosis

The Harry and Elisabeth Hermann Clinical Fellowship in Multiple Sclerosis is a one-year, full-time fellowship that provides training to experienced physicians. You must be board certified or board eligible by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology and have completed your medical residency with a specialty in neurology.

The amount of this scholarship varies based on your income level and geographic location, but generally ranges from $50,000-$60,000 per year for those living near Washington D.C., Baltimore Maryland or Richmond Virginia (the cities where these universities are located).

Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from professors who know you well; three letters are recommended if you plan to apply at another institution after completing this fellowship program.

Jean Niederhaus Williams Endowed Scholarship

The Jean Niederhaus Williams Endowed Scholarship is awarded to students who have been diagnosed with MS and are pursuing a degree in the field of science, technology, engineering or mathematics. The scholarship is worth $5,000 per year of study and can be used toward any tuition fees or other costs associated with your education.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be a U.S.-based citizen or permanent resident who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at least one year before applying;
  • Have already earned at least two years of full-time undergraduate or graduate level coursework; and
  • Be enrolled in an accredited program leading to a bachelor’s degree that requires you to take classes on campus (or online) at an accredited institution within the United States.

Mabel McIlvain Motter Scholarship Fund

The Mabel McIlvain Motter Scholarship Fund is open to students who have been diagnosed with MS and are enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited college or university. Students must also be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and must be full-time students (at least 12 hours per week).


You can get a scholarship to help pay for MS treatment, or you can use your scholarship money to go back to school.

If you’re considering a post-graduation career in research and development, check out this article on how much it costs.


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