Creative biolabs scholarship program 2023/2024

The United States Department of State has announced that it will award $1,000 USD to each recipient of a new four-year Undergraduate Biotechnology student scholarship program in the Creative biolabs scholarship program 2023/2024.

Creative biolabs scholarship program 2023/2024
Creative biolabs scholarship program 2023/2024


Terms And Conditions

  • Only one application is allowed per applicant.
  • The winner will be declared online and notified through email.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to support the winner’s chosen university for the designated semester.
  • A video of the winner’s scholarship acceptance speech must be submitted.
  • The scholarship is open to only one application per applicant per calendar year.
  • Any student (undergraduate, graduate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree) currently enrolled or accepted at a college or university is eligible to apply.
  • You allow us to submit and publish the application papers and video recordings on our website and on any of our active social media channels, and you also consent to hearing from Creative Biolabs.
  • Our selection committee will select the scholarship recipient.
  • Personal information of all applicants will be held in strict confidence by Creative Biolabs and will not be sold or disclosed to any third party.
  • Family members and Creative Biolabs employees are ineligible to apply.

Degree Requirements For Creative biolabs scholarship program

The program is open to students who are pursuing a doctoral or master’s degree in the biological sciences. In addition, applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program and have completed at least one year of coursework. Examples of qualifying graduate programs include:

  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology/Genetics/Microbiology
  • Cell Biology/Developmental Biology/Animal Genetics

GPA Requirements

To qualify for the Creative biolabs scholarship program, you must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Your cumulative grade point average is calculated based on your last 60 semester hours of credit (or equivalent) and will be displayed in the “Grades” section of your application.

Your GPA is determined by dividing your total semester credits by the number of semesters completed at UC Davis; this value determines what percentage grade point scale to use for calculating your cumulative average (e.g., 3=4).

Application Requirements

The application process of the 2023 Creative Biolabs Scholarship program will launch around May 2023.

Applications can be submitted as a pdf file or on one file containing all materials required to complete each part of your application, but not more than two pages per part. Each section should have its own box with a single question in it.

For example: “What drew you to this program?” rather than “Why did you choose this program?” If there are multiple parts to an application, they should all be labeled with an appropriate label such as “Personal Statement” or “Acknowledgement Letter” so that we know which part came from whom when reviewing them later on during review week.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted at any point during review week or thereafter, meaning if someone submits incomplete work then they cannot resubmit until after receiving feedback from our reviewers (which could take up to three weeks).

Applicants must answer three essay questions

Essay questions are mandatory. All three essay questions must be answered in 500 words or less, and should be answered in a separate document. If you use Word or another word processing program, you can submit one PDF file containing all of your answers to the essays.

Applications should be submitted as one complete pdf document using an online form.

  • To apply for the Creative biolabs scholarship program, you must submit your application in one complete pdf document using an online form.
  • Include all relevant information about yourself and your project, including:
  • A description of your work and why it qualifies for this scholarship;
  • Links to any published materials on which you’re basing your proposal; and
  • The file name and title for your PDF (e.g., “Creative Biolabs Scholarship Application”).

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Before you submit your application, please make sure that you have filled out the form correctly. You must submit a completed application by the deadline listed on this page. If you do not meet these requirements, your Creative biolabs scholarship program will be automatically declined and we will not be able to award any portion of its value.

If you have any questions about how to submit an incomplete application or if there is something missing from your application packet, please contact at their official website or at


In conclusion, Creative biolabs scholarship program is designed to help you achieve your dream of becoming a scientist. This scholarship to be available for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the field of biology and has not yet received their degree. If you’re interested in applying for this opportunity, please visit Creativelabs for more information about how to apply.

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