Annual wallix 2015 losses widen ensure development?


Annual wallix 2015 losses widen ensure development

wallix group reported a wider annual net loss for 2015, blaming lower operating income and higher operating expenses as it embarked on new product development.

The firm said it would spend more than $1 billion this year on developing new products and services, as well as the acquisition of a software company.

The company’s net loss widened to $181.36 million in 2015 from $58 million in 2014 due to higher operating expenses and lower contributions from joint ventures. Its revenues fell 17 percent to $3 billion last year from $3.8 billion in 2014 despite an increase in sales volumes across its divisions during the period under review.

wallix sa said its net loss in 2015 increased to 2.1 million euros ($2.33 million), from 981,000 euros a year earlier.

Wallix SA, a French company that makes solar panels and inverters, reported a wider annual net loss for 2015.

The company blamed lower operating income and higher operating expenses for its widened loss. Wallix said it embarked on new product development to increase its competitiveness in the market but this was not enough to offset lower volumes from China which hurt sales growth.

annual wallix 2015 sales revenue

The company said its sales revenue for the year slipped to 6.12 million euros from 7.13 million euros in 2014, while operating profit declined 21 percent to 1.76 million euros.

The company’s shares were down 2 percent at 14:49 CET at one stage after it reported a 19 percent rise in sales during the first quarter ended March 31 compared with last year but also warned that they would be slightly below market expectations due to weak economic conditions in Europe and Asia Pacific markets where Wallix operates.

Annual wallix 2015 Better Margins

wllx said better margins are anticipated from the partnership with mikrotik and from the new product developments underway with infonie and arsys

The company has moved into cloud services with acquisitions, including Infonie and Arsys. These two companies are also partners in a project called “Mikrotik Cloud” which will enable customers to manage their routers from the WLLX portal.

WLLX said better margins are anticipated from the partnership with mikrotik, but there is no indication yet as to when these new products will be launched or how much they will cost. If successful, it would be an important step towards WLLX’s goal of becoming a major player in the consumer router market.

Annual wallix 2015 WHAT OWNS?

Wallix Group owns 68% of Infonie, which operates an internet service provider business – targeted at small to medium-sized firms – in France and Belgium. Infonie has operations across Europe with a focus on the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

The company provides high speed broadband services including fixed line access and wireless connectivity through its own infrastructure (Infonie’s own networks), as well as a range of other products such as security surveillance systems and network management software.

Wallix also owns 53% of Arsys, a cloud platform that specialises in email and domain hosting services, which has operations in France, Spain, Italy and Brazil.

The company is part of the Wallix Group.

wllx has moved into cloud services with acquisitions

The move into cloud services has been a boon for Wallix. The company has been able to expand its business, reach more customers and make more money than it would have through traditional offerings.


The company has been on a buying spree since last year, with big acquisitions in infonie and arsys.