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AI is a hot topic in business today. It can help you with everything from automating repetitive tasks to making your customers’ lives easier, but it’s difficult to use effectively.

You need to know how to choose the right tool for your needs and how to use it properly. In this post, we’ll explain seven of our favorite business AI tools that can help your company grow.


Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a cloud-based business AI platform that helps you build and deploy intelligent apps. It can be used to automate business processes, manage customer relationships and predict outcomes.

Salesforce Einstein helps you create a better experience for your customers by automating tasks that were previously done manually by employees or systems, like creating new contacts in CRM systems or learning about customer preferences. Send email campaigns based on some know-how.

Diplomatic business ai tool

Deepmatic is a deep learning-based image recognition software that enables businesses to process large amounts of visual data. It provides a wide range of features that help you process images faster and more accurately.

Depomatic’s technology includes an automated labeling tool that uses machine learning techniques to identify objects in an image and generate labels to detect each object. A segmentation feature that lets you separate parts of an image (such as faces). Intelligent pixel filters that increase the accuracy of your detection results by removing noise or other artifacts from images before using them as a training set for algorithms like DenseNet or Inception V3. etc.

Georgis.ai business ai tool

Georgis.ai is a cloud-based AI tool that can help you automate your business processes. It can be used to automate tasks like data entry and customer engagement, so that they are done more efficiently and effectively.

Features of Georgis.ai:

  • Automation of manual tasks through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms
  • In addition to automating machine learning tasks based on past experience.
  • Georgis also provides a few other features such as reporting, analytics and alerts that allow businesses to monitor the effectiveness of their automation efforts across different departments or teams within the company.

Gather.ai business ai tool

Gather.ai is an AI-powered tool to collect data about your customers. You can use it to collect customer data from social media, surveys and other sources and then send them targeted messages. It’s also great for creating customer profiles so you can get to know exactly who they are and what they like, which will help improve the quality of your content marketing campaigns.

Clinic business ai tool

Clinique is a data science platform for businesses.

It helps you explore, clean and prepare your data so you can quickly build custom machine learning models.

Clinic features include:

  • Quickly build custom machine learning models with drag-and-drop visualization of your data in Python or RStudio (the open source edition of R).
  • Use Clinc’s easy integration with popular BI tools like Tableau to visualize your insights in real time.

Bluecor business ai tool

Bluecore is a marketing automation tool that uses AI to help you create personalized campaigns. It uses data from your website, customer data and website analytics to create targeted email campaigns for each customer.

Bluecore’s chatbot feature allows you to interact with customers in real time by answering questions about their needs and concerns. It helps increase sales by providing more information about products or services before purchasing them, which ultimately improves their likelihood of making a purchase decision.

Versata business ai tool

Versata is a business software company that provides a cloud-based platform for businesses. Versata’s platform helps businesses with sales, marketing and customer service.

The Versata AI tool uses machine learning to improve customer relationships by delivering personalized experiences based on your data and preferences. It can also help you make better decisions about what products or services to offer customers based on their needs.

These are 7 tools that will help you automate your business and make it run more smoothly.

AI-powered automation: These tools can help you automate processes and make better decisions. For example, they can analyze data, predict trends and provide recommendations based on those predictions.

Business intelligence: This is another type of AI tool that uses machine learning to analyze business data to understand how a company is doing and where it needs improvement. With this information in hand, managers can make informed decisions about what steps need to be taken next to not only improve performance but also increase profitability over time.


What is your favorite AI tool? Let us know in the comments below.

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