10+ best highest paying URL shortener in 2022

10+ best highest paying URL shortener in 2022
10+ best highest paying URL shortener in 2022


Most Highest Paying URL Shorteners:

Could it be said that you are attempting to bring in Cash Online without putting away cash?

Is it true or not that you are Looking for the Best Highest Paying URL Shorteners to Make Money Online in 2022?

Then you are in the Right Place.

Yet, as a matter of some importance, you ought to realize What URL Shortener is and the way that you can utilize it to bring in cash on the web…!

URL Shortener is one of the most incredible ways of bringing in cash online without having a site or any expertise. There are many top most lucrative URL shortener organizations that are offering awesome open doors to you.

Obviously, with regards to bringing in cash on the web, then, at that point, we need to battle a great deal to procure dollars. In any case, we may realize there are a ton of phoney and trick locales that don’t pay. So this is significant at whatever point you need to bring in cash on the web. Just work with genuine sites that are continuously paying on time.

It required a great deal of my investment to research, and I found just Top Paying URL Shorteners that are continuously paying on time. It is a pain-free income for every one of you. You should simply information exchange to the URL Shortener site after a connection you want to advance. Whenever somebody taps on your short connection, then, at that point, you will be paid. This is the most ideal way to bring in cash with URL shorteners.

Assuming you utilize Social Media Accounts Regularly and share recordings and different things with your companions, in every case short your connections before you share via web-based entertainment since this is the most effective way to acquire additional pay without additional work.

For Example: on the off chance that you shared a connection on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or any virtual entertainment sites and afterwards you got 10000 individuals who tapped on your connection. That implies your everyday acquisition is around about $100. This is your additional pay. what are you hanging tight for? Join recorded beneath some URL Shorteners and abbreviate your connections and bring in cash.

How URL Shortener Works:

Promoting URL Shortener will pay you to show their advertisements on the connections.

For Example: on the off chance that you short a connection to a Youtube Video and, shared it on Facebook. At the point when somebody taps on your video interface before they arrive at the video, they need to sit tight for 5 to 10 seconds to watch the promotion. When 10 Seconds are finished guests can proceed to the youtube video utilizing the skip promotion button.

URL Shortener Payout Rates:

URL Shorteners pay concerning eCPM, i.e., rate per thousand impressions or snaps. The rates thoroughly rely upon the organizations because a wide range of URL abbreviated organizations offers various rates. Organizations are paying a normal of between $5 to $25 per 1000 perspectives.

Best Highest Paying URL Shortener 2022:

Here is the rundown of 20+ Best High Paying URL Shorteners that are as yet compensating fairly in 2022 and 2023.





Shorte. st:














1. T.LY– Best URL Shortener With The Highest Pay:

If would you like to bring in cash with URL Shortner then T.LY is the most ideal choice for you. T.LY permits you to advance their image and procure a 20% commission on all instalments inside the initial 3 months for paying clients you allude to.

T.LY is essentially a connection between the executive’s administration with every one of the significant elements. You can share, brand and track your short connections and is founded on your inclinations. It permits you to follow any of your connections and keeps you refreshed on their details by adding a + toward the finish of the connections. T.LY brings its expansion to the table that consequently abbreviates your connection through a solitary snap and can uphold numerous programs like Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge.

T.LY additionally furnishes you with the best links through which your crowd can see all of your substance by tapping on only one connection. You can get a QR code and partake in its advantages as well! QR codes empower you to add as much satisfaction as you need with practically no disturbance. Join T.LY Now and begin bringing in cash.

Visit T.LY NOW

2. Exe.io – Best URL Shortner in 2022:

With exe.io, you can undoubtedly abbreviate, offer and track each connection. The best thing about exe.io is that it additionally compensates you for each connection on the spot. The device is allowed to utilize and permits you to make short connections. You’re not paying a penny yet can bring in cash from utilizing this device. You need to follow three basic strides to begin procuring. Right off the bat, make a record, then, at that point, make a connection and afterwards post it. Each visit on your connection will bring in your cash.

One more extraordinary thing about exe.io is that it includes an organization board. The cycle is truly basic and just requires a solitary snap. There are additionally definite measurements accessible through which you can dissect what presents to you the most pay. You can likewise utilize these details and afterwards plan appropriately. Exe.io likewise offers the most noteworthy rates on the lookout so you can bring in a ton of cash by simply carrying traffic to your connections.

This is a device that is truly beneficial as you don’t need to pay them anything all things being equal, they pay you. Their base payout is additionally great at $3. In this way, you can demand an instalment regardless of whether you have just procured $3. Exe.io likewise has a reference reward. If you share exe.io with your companions, you will likewise get 15% of their profit. There is likewise API that you can use to abbreviate the connections all the more rapidly and acquire more inventive thoughts. Regardless, there is likewise every minute of everyday support group generally prepared to help you.

Join Exe.io Now

Commission Information:

  • 15% of the earning potential of the referral
  • Payment Options: Payeer, Perfect Money, Airtm, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Advcash
  • $3 Minimum Payout

3. Shorte. st – Best Paying URL Shortener: 

Shorte. st is a reliable and rapidly growing UL shortening website. Shorte. st has 1,103,985 registered users who actively use it. It shortens about 1,945,975,395 links, as shown by statistics broken down by month.

Additionally, Shorte.st allows you to make a sizable quantity of money each month. You receive a commission on each referral you make for the duration of their life if you become a client. Therefore, if you own a website with millions of subscribers, sign up with Shorte.st right away. Even more, Shorte.st allows you to turn shares of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. into sources of money.

By using their reporting interface and rerouting company strategies, you may swiftly review your daily sales. You may quickly shorten links using their user-friendly API.

Join Shorte.st now

Commission Information:

  • 20% of the referred person’s salary is used as the referral commission.
  • Payment Options: WebMoney, Payoneer, and PayPal.
  • Payout Minimum: $5

4. Adf.ly – High Paying URL Shortener:

One of the most well-known, effective, and profitable URL shortener websites to generate income online is Adf.ly. Unlike other websites, you can also earn along by shortening your URLs with Adf.ly. Before Adf.ly, earning money wasn’t that simple.
They are famous among the subsidiaries for their astonishing payouts. Elevate Adf.ly to your site or through your blog and procure commissions on every reference. In addition, any person who visits Adf.ly abbreviated connect on your site, you procure for it. Isn’t it supernatural? You can have a point-by-point experience of your income by the following connection point.

Join Adf.ly Now

Commission Information:

  • Referral Commission: 20% of the earnings of the referral.
  • Payment Options: Payoneer and PayPal.
  • Payout Minimum: $5

5- Ouo.io – Short URL and Eran Money Online: 

The best and most straightforward method to make money online is through the URL shortening service Ouo.io. It provides incredible tools, such as bulk shrinkers and rapid links, that allow you to shorten URLs and make money. This is a straightforward strategy for making money. Your URL will be tapped, and you will be compensated.

Simply cut any link, then offer it to your friends. Making money online isn’t very easy, but Ouo.io makes it possible. Their referral scheme helps you the most in your quest to make a good living. Invite your friends, coworkers, and other members of your social network; you will receive a commission for each person that registers for Ouo.io using your recommended URL.

Commission Information:

  • Referral Commission: 20% of the earnings of the referral.
  • PayPal, Payaza, Payeer, and Payoneer have accepted forms of payment.
  • Payout Minimum: $5

6. LinkSpy.cc – Earn 100% more from URL Shorteners:

Not another URL shortener, LinkSpy.cc. It is an Url Shortener Ad Server that enables simultaneous use of several shorteners. For better pricing and more paid views, LinkSpy alternates your traffic among URL shorteners. Utilizing LinkSpy.cc is quite simple.

You only need to link your accounts with a few URL shorteners and process the traffic using LinkSpy’s facilities. Short links can be made manually, with the Full Page Script, or with an API. A large rise in paid views (even 20 from a single IP), CPM rates, and earnings are the results of this. Even 100% more can be gotten from the existing volume of traffic.

     Join  LinkSpy.cc

Information about commissions: 

  • Url shorteners connected to your account are responsible for payments.
  • Using URL shorteners as a payment method.
  • Depending on URL shorteners, minimum payout.

7. BC.VC  The 7th-best paying URL shortener without captcha 

One of the top-paying URL shorteners without Captcha is bc.VC. This is one of the more sophisticated URL shorteners for making money online. It has an 1839 Alexa ranking. Your website can instantly generate b.vc links thanks to their simple cake API.

It also provides a selection of scripts that are simple to introduce. They check the website for malware, bugs, and viruses before approving it. One of their outstanding characteristics is their additional referral architecture. You are compensated for your services each time someone connects to bc.vc.

You can keep tabs on the clicks and profits generated by each of your visitors using their clear and simple reporting tool.

                              JOIN  BC.VC 

Commission Information:

  • Referral Commission: 20% of the earnings of the referral.
  • PayPal is a form of payment.
  • Payout Minimum: $10

8- Clicksfly.com – High Paying URL Shortener

One of the highest-paying URL shorteners in India for visitors from India is Clicksfly. The benefit of this URL shortener for Indians is Paytm withdrawal support. Therefore, this is one of the best URL shorteners for users in Pakistan and India.

Clicksfly is a URL shortening site that is rapidly expanding these days as a result of the driving trends of earning money through URL shorteners. Only non-adult links are squeezed. Furthermore, it would be comforting to learn if their website is free of intrusive adverts.

You may make money with Clicksfly in two fantastic ways: Share the shortened links created by Clicksfly on other social media platforms to earn money for more clicks. Second, spread the word about Clicksfly by using their referral links. You will get paid every time someone signs up for Cicksfy using your link.

By combining both strategies, you can profit in two different ways. It is an anti-scam site since they verify the website’s authenticity before allowing it to communicate with them.

                       JOIN Clicksfly.com 

Commission Information:

  • 20% of the referral’s earnings are the referral commission.
  • Payment options include PayPal, PayTM, Mobicash, Payeer, and Bitcoin.
  • $3 Minimum Payout

9- LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener:

One of the most successful URL shorteners is LinkTL. The headquarters of this advertising website is in Turkey. It includes all the key features we look for in a URL shortener. It doesn’t provide many distinctive, original highlights of its own. You are in the proper place if you want to put some more money in your pockets.

One of the best websites for making money is LinkTL. Simply use their tool to crush your URL and share it anywhere online, including your website, groups, other websites, and even interpersonal organisations. Moreover. Through their referral scheme that is optimised, you can also profit. Promote, recruit, and profit

               JOIN LinkTL

Commission Information:

  • Referral Commission: 40% of the lifetime revenue of the referral.
  • Payment options include Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin, and PayPal.
  • Payout Minimum: $5

10- linksop.com – Short Links And Earn Money:

Links is a popular URL shortener on the market that works effectively as a revenue-generating tool. It is a fantastic way to make money, and many people are using it to do so. It’s time to earn money wisely!

Shorten the links, share them, and profit from the increasing clicks. $25 will be paid to you after 1000 views. Promote it throughout the populace concurrently. You can manage and keep an eye on your revenue using their beautiful, personalised interface. You can view real-time information on your clicks, CPMs, growing earnings, etc. Furthermore, you can reach their reps whenever you need them. They receive their payments at the appointed time.

                        JOIN  linksop.com

Commission Information:

  • Referral Commission:
  • PayPal, Paytm, Skrill, and Payoneer are accepted forms of payment.
  • Minimum Payout: $5